Privacy Policy

Our Policy on Personal Information

Our corporation holds it as the basic stance of our activities and social responsibility to deal with and protect personal information. To carry out our responsibility to the best of our effort, we have set the policy on the protection of personal information as follows:

  1. Compliance with the law
    Our corporation does the best to comply with laws on personal information, setting our policy and regulations, and to keep improving them.
  2. Information management
    Our corporation takes necessary measures to manage personal information, in compliance with related laws and regulations, to prevent leakage, loss and/or falsification.
  3. Acquisition and use
    In order to carry out our projects properly and smoothly, our corporation acquire personal information by proper means. At the acquisition, the purpose of the use will be notified to the person in advance and the obtained information will be used within necessary limits to achieve the aim.
  4. Providing the information to a third person
    Our corporation does not provide personal information to a third person without the person’s consent, except for cases admitted by laws and regulations, and in cases of committed projects where offering personal information is not regulated by law. When we provide personal information, we select the recipients to those reaching required level, and set necessary rules.
  5. Release and correction
    Our corporation tries to comply with the request of release and/or correction of personal information, as quickly as possible, and within reasonable limits of regulation, upon identification of the subject person.
  6. Improvements
    Our corporation tries to reconsider and improve our policy and management in order to better respect and protect personal information.

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